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Dancing LIMS

Welcome to Dancing LIMS!
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A Last Icon Maker Standing community all about dancing. Sign-Ups OPEN! Also icontest!
Welcome to dancing_lims, a tournament-style icon contest.

This community is maintained by superheroine, most known for her scandalous escapades throughout the LiveJournal Games scene and her knack for creating stupendously tacky icons.

What is a LIMS Community?
- LIMS stands for Last Icon Maker Standing. Basically, it's a tournament-style icon contest in which members compete for spiffy banners and such, while honing their skills at graphics-making.

I can't/don't make icons, but I still want to join and watch, am I allowed?
- CERTAINLY! We encourage non-participants in the challenge to vote every week for their favorite icons, and in the special categories that may pop up.

I really like an icon I've seen entered into a challenge. May I use it?
-We encourage our entrants to allow the icons created to be freely available for usage, with credit, but this is really at the maker's discretion. If you like an icon and would like to use it for your own personal LJ or otherwise, simply ask the person who made it.

01. You must join AND friend the community in order to participate in the challenges.

02. First challenge sign-ups are not currently open, as we are still setting up the community. Feel free to read through the rules and join and friend us ahead of time, though!

03. Each Sunday, I will post a new challenge which will include a photoshoot, screencap, or single picture. The challenge posted may also have a theme, so pay attention to all the rules that are posted with the images. You will then create an icon using only the picture provided, but you will be allowed any textures, brushes, stocks, text and gradients unless otherwise specified.

04. Every Friday, your icon will be due. You will reply with the picture and URL of the icon as a comment to that week's challenge post. All comments are screened and icons will remain in this community until voting is over. That means no posting anywhere else until voting is over. You may not use it as an icon for your personal journal or any other journal either.

05. Every Friday, I will post that week's icons and voting will start. Voting will be for 3 of your least favorite icons and a favorite for that week. Some challenges may also have a special category in which you can vote, such as Most Creative, Wittiest, Best Text, etc..

06. Please do NOT vote for your own icons! That defeats the purpose of this competition. You can, however, vote positively or negatively for any icons except your own.

07. Every Sunday, the winner for that week, along with a mod's choice, member’s choice, the icon makers eliminated, and any special category winners will be posted.

08. You are allowed up to two skip chances, but you must notify me prior to when voting goes up. If you fail to notify us that you want to use your skip chance, I will automatically use your skip. If you do not have anymore skip chances left, you will be eliminated. The only challenges that you are not allowed to skip are the first and last challenge.

09. Please include the phrase "Nobody puts *your username* in the corner." somewhere in your comment when you sign-up so we know you've read the rules.

10. Be able to handle negative things about your icons. After all, constructive criticism is good for the soul icon making.

Failure to abide by these rules will cause in disqualifaction and possibly even banning.

None yet.
If you would like to be affiliates, please comment at the Welcome post, and I will deal with your request accordingly.

Coming Soon. UserInfo Codes
Original Layout Codes
Ideas and Extras and Whatnot